Energous Announced a Tool for Charging in Air

Using your gadgets while they are plugged in for powered is a kind of pain. You should look for a power outlet near your bed, sofa, or chair (and then hope you have a cord long enough), or bring a power bank. But even this minor inconvenience can be a thing of the past. At this week’s CES 2019, Energous announced a new tool that allows you to charge your devices in the air!

The company is working on a tool called WattUp, which transmits energy throughout the room from a powered station, so you charge your device via the wireless signals in the room. The company has already developed beam emissions that extend up to a meter from the powered station.

At CES 2019, the company presented the small chips that made air powered possible. The company also revealed the third parties that have agreed to integrate this technology into their devices, including:

  • Vuzix Smart Glasses
  • Audio amplification devices
  • Prototype of a smartwatch
  • FCC certified and IDT production ready transmitter solution
  • Remote transmitter from Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile U.S.
  • Asset tracking tags address accuracy, waiting and now battery life
  • A wireless car remote control
  • WattUp-enabled spine tracking
  • Headphones with wireless powered.

Vuzix’s Blade AR smart glasses have just won the CES Innovation Award for their outstanding design and engineering, which will be a huge draw for the company.

Currently, Energous implements wireless powered for small gadgets that require little energy to work. However, Energous CEO Steve Rizzone said that this type of powered is in great demand and will soon be available for both smartphones and laptops by the end of 2020. Although he did not specify any brand collaborations, he also announced:

How does this technology work?

Air powered requires a transmitter that emits radio waves. These radio waves are received by built-in receivers on WattUp-compatible devices or gadgets that then convert the waves into direct current. It is this power that charges the device.

Energous is not the only company that implements wireless powered. Companies like Ossia and Bellevue are also trying it out. The small 3mm by 3mm chip used in this technology can charge heavier and more distant devices.

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