LG Released The World’s First Rollable TV

LG has achieved something that seemed impossible for years. The company has finally launched the world’s first roll-up TV. LG unveiled the TV this week at CES 2019. LG first gave us a preview of the retractable TV at last year’s CES.

LG’s SIGNATURE R OLED TV (model 65r9) is now the talk of the town and it’s all about the form factor. It uses LG’s advanced OLED technology, which makes the screen bright and vivid. Still, it seems that people care less about the screen specifications and more about the usability of the TV.

The TV is not too different from the original prototype unveiled a year ago. But LG has improved the basics and added 100-watt Dolby Atmos speakers for a clear but powerful built-in sound.

People have been excited about this TV for a year. Everyone was curious to see if LG could actually accomplish a seemingly impossible task of creating a folding TV. It seems that they managed to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

LG has created a TV with a screen that uses revolutionary flexible screen technology that allows users to roll up their screens at the touch of a button. The R in the model name stands for a lot of things, not just “rollable.”

The R stands for “creating a revolution in home enjoyment and redefining space through its ability to stand up and roll up at the touch of a button.””LG does not sell the product in any way. It certainly sounds revolutionary and will change the way we look (in every way!) TV.

For example, customers no longer have to worry about the permanent lack of space for their flat screens. Users can create their own enjoyment space at will with a single button. LG indicates that the TV has three modes: Full View, Online View and Zero View.

The full view provides a large-screen viewing experience, giving users a full view of the screen. This option is similar to viewing a “normal” OLED TV from LG. The result is rich contrast, deep blacks, total depth and realistic images.

The inline view allows the TV to be partially folded, which allows users to perform tasks that do not require a full view of the TV.

In zero view, the 65-inch screen is hidden from view and hidden in the base. Consumers can still use the TV to listen to music through the 100-watt Dolby Atmos speaker, even if it is stored away.

LG realized that not everyone wants a large rectangular object with thick edges that decorate their home or occupy large amounts of living space. People have started to focus more on aesthetics, minimalism and style when it comes to TVs.

People want TVs to match their beautifully appointed living spaces, not the other way around. LG seems to be the first company to fully understand this trend, but they took a big risk by developing such a revolutionary concept.

When creating a roll-up TV, LG had to admit that people don’t always want the device to be at the center of their lives, and the company should reinvent the TV wheel, so to speak. This roll-up 4K TV is based on the simple concept that TVs should be invisible when not in use.

Users just need to press a button to roll the TV into the base station. This will make their living spaces more open and the spaces more “breathable”.”

We can expect the TV to hit the market around March, but it won’t be inexpensive.

LG’s “wallpaper” OLED TV. If that’s any indication, this new model should cost more.

Samsung has released its own version of aesthetic TVs like the frame and wheelbase, but they just don’t have the “it” factor.

It seems that LG has found a winner. It’s time to roll up our sleeves to earn extra money!

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